Meta Begins Campaign in Europe to Tout Real-World Potential of Metaverse

Jul 21, 2022 | 0 comments

Meta is rolling out a new campaign in Europe to showcase the “social and economic impact of the metaverse,” which it claims can offer “real-world benefits.”

In a company blog post, the tech giant quoted a study by the Analysis Group saying that metaverse adoption in Europe will potentially be able to help with a $440 billion contribution to the regional gross domestic product (GDP) in 10 years.

“The metaverse has the potential to deliver real-world benefits that we’re only just starting to imagine, like a surgeon practising an operation virtually to students travelling to ancient Rome to study its history,” the company wrote in the post.

Meta said its new campaign, “The Impact Will Be Real,” will investigate likely benefits of the metaverse, including the ability to learn in 3D and bring studying architecture, history or basic geometry to life in new ways, per the post. And there will be opportunities for healthcare to benefit, including practising virtual surgery and training first responders.

“While virtual reality is here now and already having real impact, much of what we envision for the metaverse is still about a decade away and requires collaboration across industries and with experts, academics, civil society, governments and regulators to get it right,” the company wrote in the post. “We’re starting these conversations early and hope the campaign will help to spark further conversation and collaboration across industries and with experts in Europe and beyond.”

Meta has also been looking into “possible paid features” for its Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram apps.

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